Ambassador Animal Encounter

April 29, 2019

photos of owl, chinchilla and porcupine with zookeeper hand feeding.


Ambassador Animal Encounters allow visitors an up-close look at some of our education program animals. Whether you have just been dying to touch a chinchilla, see an owl up close, or want to surprise a friend or family member with a unique gift – an ambassador animal meet and greet is the perfect thing to add to your zoo visit! Small groups of 8 or less will get to interact with up to three (3) of our ambassador animals, with an included unique and educational talk by a zoo educator about each animal.

$30 + admission fee for one animal interaction + $15 for each additional animal (up to 2 can be added, for a total of 3 animals). Please fill out the form below to begin scheduling your Ambassador Animal Encounter. Contact Nicolette Hajadasz at or 315-738-0472 x. 34 with any questions

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