Please be advised that the zoo is closing at 1pm on Saturday June 2nd to set up for Wine in the Wilderness

Donate to Utica Zoo General Operations or Special Projects

Don’t want to donate online? You can mail a check: 1 Utica Zoo Way, Utica, NY 13501, call in a credit card: (315) 738-0472 ext. 37, or stop in our Gift Shop to make a donation.

General Operations

Utica Zoo has been creating educational experiences for visitors since 1914. As a non-profit organization, we rely on grants and donations from the community. No donation is too small. Just $9.43 can pay for the food and care of one red panda for one day. Thank you for supporting the Utica Zoo!

Primate Building Campaign: “We Don’t Like it Either!”

Goal: $350,000. Capital raised: over $364,000. The Primate Building (previously called Cat Building) was built in 1927 by a $17,000 donation from the Utica Lions Club and is in need of some major updates. It currently houses our White-Handed Gibbons, Mexican Spider Monkeys, Golden Lion Tamarin, and Argentine Black and White Tegu. The bars need to go, because We Don’t Like it Either! Call Executive Director Andria Heath for more info at (315) 738-0472 ext. 41.

African Alley Infrastructure

African Alley is home to the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra , Ostrich, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Serval, and our brand new Striped Hyena. We are looking to add electricity, water, sewage, and heat to this section.

New Red Panda & Chinese Alligator Exhibit

The new Red Panda & Chinese Alligator exhibit would be built near the current Chinese Alligator area. This would be a multi-species exhibit with both indoor and outdoor animal viewing areas.

California Sea Lion Exhibit Renovations

The California Sea Lion pool was built in 1986 and is ready for an upgrade! The Sea Lion shows have been entertaining Utica Zoo visitors for years, and still remains one of the most popular animals to view. Porter, Munchkin, and Niko would appreciate the renovations 🙂