Eggstravaganza 2018

March 20, 2018


Get ready for Eggstravaganza! With all the excitement and fun activities we have planned, we wanted to fill you in on what to expect. It’s all about the Egg!


  • The festivities begin at 10AM and end at 3PM
  • Admission for Members is free (Additional fees apply for the Egg Hunt)
  • The EGG HUNT is an all-day event. And split into two groups;
    • Children ages 5  and under at the Zebra View Pavilion, and Children ages 6 and up at the Eagle View Pavilion.


  • Our Egg Hunt is a seek and retrieve of sorts. Children will explore their age appropriate pavilion in search of eggs, once all 6 colors are found, children will then take each egg to the designated location for that egg color to retrieve their treat (EX. Purple & Green eggs go to the Primate Building, Orange eggs to the Children’s Zoo Barn, etc.). EGGS WILL NOT BE FILLED WITH CANDY.


The Utica Zoo Eggstravaganza is so much more than just the egg hunt!

  • The Easter Bunny will be joining us as well! Visitors are encouraged to bring their own cameras or phones for photos, however, we will also have a professional photographer available with photos for a fee.
  • Visitors will have the opportunity to meet, greet, and learn about some of our select education animals.
  • Children will have the chance to participate in STEAM based learning and art activities.
  • Holy Smoques BBQ and Grapevine Mediterranean Restaurant Food Trucks will be on hand, serving up delicious meals. As well as So Sweet!! Candy Café, for your confectionary and desert desires.
  • Parking will be available at Utica Zoo parking lots. Additional parking will also be available at the Parkway Rec Center, just down the street, with our complimentary shuttle service until 3:30pm.
  • And of course, we will be providing egg and egg themed animal enrichment throughout the day. Our Enrichment schedule is as follows:
    • 10:30AM – Red Fox
    • 11:00AM – Donkey
    • 11:30AM – Bactrian Camel
    • 11:45AM – Reeve’s Muntjac
    • 12:00PM – White Handed Gibbon
    • 12:00PM – Mexican Spider Monkey
    • 12:30PM – California Sea Lion
    • 1:00PM – Cotton Top Tamarin
    • 1:30PM – White Naped Crane
    • 2:00PM – Red Panda
    • 2:30PM – African Crested Porcupine (Sinnott Education Center)
    • There will also be egg, and egg themed enrichment for all our reptiles, Urial, Alpaca, Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Wallaby, Emu, Zebra, Ostrich, Chinese Alligator, and the rest of our animals through the North Trek Trail!


  • Admission Rates for Eggstravaganza
    • Child 0 to 2: Free
    • Child 3 to 12: $4.75
    • Adults 13 to 61: $8.00
    • Seniors 62+, Military, & College Students w/ ID $3.50


  • Egg Hunt Fee: $2.00 for members and $3.00 for Not-yet Members


So, bring your baskets and hop on over to the Utica Zoo this Saturday, March 31st, for Eggstravaganza!


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