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Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting: White-Handed Gibbon Outdoor Living Rainforest

November 8, 2018

November 15, 2018 @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Utica Zoo
1 Utica Zoo Way
Utica, NY 13501
Mark Simon
315-738-0472 Ext 49
Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting: White-Handed Gibbon Outdoor Living Rainforest @ Utica Zoo | Utica | New York | United States

Join the Utica Zoo and the Greater Utica Chamber for a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the White-Handed Gibbon Outdoor Living Rainforest exhibit!

Our White-Handed Gibbons, Yoda and Snowflake, have been together at Utica Zoo since 1995. They enjoyed life in their old exhibit in our Primate House for the past 13 years, raising 2 offspring as a closely bonded pair. When we decided to renovate the old building as a Living Rainforest, we imagined how exciting it would be to allow Yoda and Snowflake to enjoy the benefits of the improvements we make. Two years later, we’ve created a new habitat that increases their space by over 800% in cubic feet.

Gibbons are a species equipped to live in the high canopy forest and can take advantage of the increase in linear AND vertical space. With that in mind, we have a habitat that is as high as 21′ in spots and outfitted with ropes, platforms and other habitat “furniture” that can accentuate their natural abilities. Gibbons enjoy climbing, hanging and swinging arm over arm in a motion called “brachiating”. In this new habitat, there is more room to demonstrate these behaviors. Part of any animal’s good welfare is to be able to choose to use the behaviors that come naturally. Besides this, they will have the height and space to see their zoo home from a breathtaking new perspective. New features such as a heated platform will allow the animals to enjoy the outdoors more often than they have in the past.   

Please join us for this momentous occasion!