Wish List

Besides the day to day cleaning and feeding of the animals, the animal keepers are also responsible for Environmental Enrichment and Training.  Environmental enrichment is the way we promote species-appropriate behavior, while giving the animals choice over their environment.  Check out the pictures below to see some examples of enrichment and training in action.  And if you are interested in being a part of our Enrichment program, you can help the animals by purchasing enrichment items for them.

Simply go to http://www.sanctuarysupplies.com/sanctuary_wishlist.asp?id=1212 .

There you will find a wishlist of items that we could use to better care for the animals here at the zoo.  You can purchase these items from Sanctuary Supplies and they will be shipped directly to the zoo.  Keep track of your donations because they are completely tax deductible!

Wishlist Items under $50:

Brazil nuts, walnuts in shell

Dried Cranberries (packaged)

Gift Cards for Petsmart, Walmart or Price Chopper

Chlorine Bleach


100 and 250 Watt Ceramic Heat Emitters

Digital Thermometers and Hygrometers

Photo paper-glossy (for lazer) 8×10

Heated Water Dishes-6 in. and 12 in.

Art Supplies – Canvas, Non-toxic Paints, Brushes

Cracked Corn-bagged

Apricot Nectar

Water Bottles (16 and 32 oz.)

Feed dishes- Stainless steel, black rubber (found in feed stores)

Hand Sanitizing Gel (ex. Purrell)

Band Aid (for First Aid kits)

Copy Paper (8″ x 11″, white)

Colored Card Stock

Trash Bags (55 gallon sizes)

Paper Towels

Non-Latex or vinyl gloves (size medium and large)

Wishlist Items over $50:

Plexiglass Sheets- 1/4 ” preferred : Used to fix viewing windows

Trovan Microchip Reader : Used to read older microchips

Vari-Kennels- Animal Carrying kennels in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes : Used for transporting animals

RubberMaid Storage Lockers : Used for storing tools and supplies

Shovels x10 : Used to clean animal areas

Large Plastic Lawn Rakes x20 : Used to clean animal areas

Golf Carts (in good working order) : Used to transport animal supplies

Truck (1/2 ton or larger, in good working order) : Used to haul manure

2007 Polaris RANGER 6X6 EFI : Used to move animal supplies longer distances

Digital Reptile and/or Gamebird Egg Incubators x20 : Used to monitor temperatures for proper care

1000 lb capacity Scale (PS-100) : Used to weigh smaller animals

5000 lb capacity Scale (WB-5000) : Used to weigh larger animals

Wheelbarrows x8 : Used to move manure


Hours & Admission

April 1- October 31: Open 10AM til 4:45 PM
November 1 - March 31: Open 10AM, admission/gift shop closes at 3PM & Zoo gates close at 4PM

Admission 4/1- 10/31 11/1- 3/31 & Group
Child 3-12 $4.75 $2.50
Adult 13-61 $7.75 $4.25
Senior 62+, Military, College w/ ID $6.75 $3.50

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