Closed December 25, 2017

Utica Zoo is CLOSED on Christmas Day. We will be OPEN New Years Day.

Utica Zoo Team

Board of Trustees

Board President: Robert Jubenville, PhD, Andrew F. Biernat, Alaine K. Canestrari, Victoria Cataldo, Crystal Guzzardo, Robert Heins, Chris Henry, Cindy Marino, Don Reese, Ben Saltzman, Jim Viggiano, Kevin Wiegand, Marolyn Wilson


Executive Director: Andria Heath

Director of Administrative Operations: Nikki Sheehan

Director of Communications: Mike Beck

Bookkeeper: Carol Heburn

Administrative Support Specialist: Pristasia Norman

Education Director: Mary Hall

Education Program Coordinator: Kathleen McGill

Education Department: Nicolette Hajdasz , Justin Horender, Kendall Carmody, Nicole Watson, Jelena Lacelle

Gift Shop: Patty Spring, Amber Graves, Daniel Gaska

Director of Animal Operations: Pearl Yusuf

Lead Zoo Keepers: Mike Bates, Beth Ricci, Jackie Gregory, Jonathan Miller

Zoo Keepers: Melanie Entelisano, Kristy Bussard, Krystin Aranda, Stephanie Meyer, Lane Allen, Jeremy Ellis, Colleen Haley

Veterinarian: Dr. Ellen Hilton

Buildings and Grounds Superintendent: Gary Mundschenk

Buildings and Grounds: Chris Donohue, Mikhail Naryvonchyk, Chris Caban

Janitorial Technician: Harmonica Washington