Utica Zoo Zoomobile

What Programs are Offered through the Utica Zoomobile?

We offer many different programs to fit your unique needs! We are available 7 days a week, from 8:00am to 8:00pm (An after hours fee is applied for programs that run after 4:45pm), and offer presentations throughout Central, Northern, and the Capital District of New York State.

Our Zoomobile Presentation Program is an interactive program in which a Utica Zoo educator brings a variety of live animals and related biofacts to your location. The typical zoomobile presentation features four animals and lasts 30 to 60 minutes, depending on age/grade level and topic choice.

We also offer a special Zoo Adventures Program for preschools which includes a storybook reading to promote early literacy and a three animal presentation.

Our Zoomobile Booth Program is an informal program that includes a table set up with four animals, related biofacts, and general zoo information. A typical zoomobile booth lasts from one to three hours. Participants can visit the animals at their leisure and explore hands-on bio-facts.

What Animals Will I See?

Although animal availability varies based on temperature, weather, and temperament, we do offer topic choices that follow NYS curriculum standards and festival themes. Our topics to choose from are as follows:

  • Northern Forest Exploration (NYS Animals)
  • Up All Night (Nocturnal Animals)
  • Classification Classroom
  • Endangered Species
  • Awesome Adaptations
  • Spineless Wonders (Invertebrates)
  • Predator vs. Prey
  • Habitat Hopping
  • WWW.Marsh (Wetlands)
  • Hop, Waddle, Slither, Swoop (Animal Movement)
  • Shiny Scales & Feathery Tails
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Bird Brains
  • Birds of Prey
  • Radical Reptiles

Don’t see your topic listed here? We are happy to tailor a program to any topic of your choosing!


Zoomobile Costs

**New 2018 pricing (listed below) goes into effect March 1st, 2018. Book your program now to receive 2017 pricing*

  • Preschool Zoo Adventures Program                                     $75.00
  • Zoomobile Presentation for Schools                                    $100.00
  • Community Zoomobile Presentations                                 $125.00
  • Private Zoomobile Presentations                                          $135.00
  • Additional Presentation (Same Day)                                   $50.00 per presentation
  • Zoomobile Booth (1 Hour)                                                     $150.00
  • Zoomobile Booth (2 Hours)                                                  $175.00
  • Zoomobile Booth (3 Hours)                                                  $200.00
  • After Hours Fee                                                                        $25.00
  • Mileage (over 20 miles)                                                          $0.53/mile
  • Layover Fee – If over ½ hour between programs, an additional $5.00 for each ½ hour will be charged.


Please call the education department for booking at (315) 738-0472 ext. 26 or 34 or email Mary at mary.hall@uticazoo.org

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