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Utica Zoo Teacher Resources

The Utica Zoo can be used as an awesome extension to your classroom! Use it to teach your students about classification, endangered species, habitats, adaptations or any topic you can imagine. Check our Animal Adaptation and Ecosystem Lesson Plans and Activities below:

Animal Adaptations Lesson Plans and Activities

Ecosystems Lesson Plans and Activities

The Utica Zoo has a variety of resource boxes available for teachers to borrow for their classrooms.  These boxes contain activity ideas and materials, artifacts, boxes, videos, etc.  Everything you need to make your lessons hands-on and fun.  These boxes are available for loan for up to two week periods.  A deposit fee of $30.00 is required, $20.00 of which is refundable upon the return of the box.  The borrower is responsible for the pick-up and return of the boxes.  The following boxes are available:

Invertebrates – Contains insect biodiversity mount, metamorphosis mount, wasp nest, honeycomb, Tarantula molt, puzzles, books, videos, & activity packs.

Amphibians – Contains frog metamorphosis mount, frog skull, a tape of frog calls, videos, puzzles, books, games, & activity ideas.

Reptiles – Contains lizard, snake and turtle skulls, turtle shells, snake skins, alligator eggs, snake skeleton, video, books, games, & activity ideas.

Birds – Contains bird skulls, feathers, nests, eggs, feet, books, bird songs, videos, games, & activity ideas.

Birds-of-Prey – Contains owl wing, skull, and foot, owl pellet and their prey mount, owl pellets, books, videos, games, & activity ideas.

Bats – Contains bat skeleton, bat skulls, games, books, videos, & activity ideas.

Tiger – Contains tiger hair, tooth, claw, nest, & Realm of Tiger teacher kit.

Rainforests – Contains feathers, bird, ocelot, sloth and monkey skulls, rainforest products, videos, activity books, puzzles, and games.

Dinosaurs – Contains footprints, velociraptor skull and claw, duckbill skin, triceratops and T-Rex tooth, dinosaur egg, games, videos, and books.

Tracks & Teeth – Contains track molds and skulls from native animals, books, & activity ideas.

 Stop by the zoo to check out these and other great resources we have that can help make your lessons exciting and memorable.

For more information, please contact: Kathleen C. McGill, Utica Zoo Education Program Coordinator , (315)-738-0472 ext. 36