General Information

We are open 10am-4:30pm everyday except Thanksgiving and Christmas! Reservations are NOT required!

Utica Zoo Animal Encounters

January 1, 2021

In-Person Animal Encounters

Our most popular encounter! Go inside the Red Panda exhibit space and feed our Red Panda family their favorite treats! FULLY BOOKED THROUGH THE END OF 2021. CHECK BACK IN THE COMING MONTHS TO SEE OPENINGS FOR JANUARY THROUGH APRIL 2022.

Starting at $225 | Up to 2 People | Ages 8+

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Get a closer look at the Utica Zoo’s largest animals while feeding them their favorite vegetables and learning from our Keepers!

Starting at $75 | Up to 4 People | All Ages

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Get a chance to feed our Nigerian Dwarf Goats right inside their exhibit! Perfect for young children and families.

Starting at $40 | Up to 4 People | All ages

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Our Ambassador/Education animals play a special role in telling the stories of their wild counterparts. Meet our animals up close and hear their stories.

Starting at $30 | Up to 4 People | All Ages

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