We’re Open!

WE ARE OPEN TO ALL VISITORS! Open daily from 10am-4:30pm. Reservations are not required. WE WILL BE OPEN ON MEMORIAL DAY FROM 10AM-4:30PM!

Utica Zoo Animal Encounters

January 1, 2021

Virtual Encounters “Call with the Wild”

Spice up your morning conference call or invite friends and family to a video call with one of our many amazing animals. Want to see a red panda snack on camera or have our sea lions bark at your boss? Then this is for you. Call in to the wild of the zoo from the comfort of your own home and interact with our engaging animals.

Staff will stay on your call for around 10 minutes. They will start with a quick introduction of themselves and the animal and then let our animals shine on your video call! Duration and involvement are dependent on the animals, as not all may stay interested in being on camera for the full 10-minute call. We will try our best to keep them interactive, with treats, asking for behaviors, and moving around their enclosure space as they move.

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In-Person Animal Encounters

Enjoy feeding fish and squid to our California Sea Lions while learning all about Porter and Munchkin!

Starting at $250 | Up to 5 People | All Ages

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Our most popular encounter! Go inside the Red Panda exhibit space and feed our Red Panda family their favorite treats! RED PANDA ENCOUNTERS ARE FULLY BOOKED THROUGH THE END OF AUGUST 2021! FOR AVAILABILITY, CHECK BACK WHEN WE OPEN SEPTEMBER THROUGH DECEMBER 2021 IN THE COMING MONTHS! 

Starting at $225 | Up to 2 People | Ages 8+

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Get a closer look at the Utica Zoo’s largest animals while feeding them their favorite vegetables and learning from our Keepers!

Starting at $75 | Up to 4 People | All Ages

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Get a chance to feed our Nigerian Dwarf Goats right inside their exhibit! Perfect for young children and families.

Starting at $40 | Up to 4 People | All ages

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Our Ambassador/Education animals play a special role in telling the stories of their wild counterparts. Meet our animals up close and hear their stories.

Starting at $30 | Up to 4 People | All Ages

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